About New Journey Press

New Journey Press is proud to bring to you the Morning Glory Press’ Teens Parenting series.

New Journey Press was founded by some of the US industry’s top professionals in the teen parents and high risk student population.

We welcome you, and your organization, to come join us as we make futuristic strides in development of new and exciting curriculum and programs along with the current Teens Parenting series to help you affect the lives of those individuals you serve each and every day.

The following curriculum is being revised and will be available Fall 2016:

  • Your Pregnancy and Newborn Journey
  • Nurturing Your Newborn
  • Your Baby’s First Year

Revised versions coming Spring 2017:

  • The Challenge of Toddlers
  • Discipline from Birth to Three
  • Teen Dads: Rights, Responsibilities and Joys
  • Mommy, I’m Hungry!

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